Let's keep it simple.

It's so much bout the things we need.

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Happy Needs.

Abraham Maslow discovered the five things we all need in life. We can call them our Happy Needs.

Physical  •  Safety  •  Love & Belonging  •  Esteem  •  Transcendence 

If our needs

were shoes.

To explain, let's imagine our needs as shoes.


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You have PHYSICAL needs.

These are things like water, food, air, sleep, and exercise. 

This is why Nike's to help you move longer. faster, and farther.

To help you use less energy.


You have ESTEEM needs.

These are things like respect, confidence, attention, recognition, goals, and purpose. 

This is why there are dress shoes that help you to look professional. 

To help you reach your goals.

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You have TRANSCENDENCE needs.

These are things like hope, giving, selflessness, faith, and God. 

This is why there are Toms' shoes that when you buy them it helps someone who also needs a pair.

To help others. 


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You have SAFETY needs.

These are things like shelter, order, security, and protection. 

This is why there are boots to protect you from accidents and harm.

To help keep you safe.


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You have LOVE & BELONGING needs.

These are things like clubs, community, friendships, relationships, and family.

This is why there are Hermes shoes that help you attract others. 

To help you create connections.

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The happy scale.

Having your needs met determines where you'll be on the happy scale.



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When your Physical Needs are not met you will become frustrated, grouchy, and tired.

Happy Scale

When your Physical Needs are met you will feel fresh, energetic, and happy.

When your

needs are broken.

Your happy is lost when one of your five needs is broken. 

When it happens you can become sad, mad, and life can get messy.

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For example, if you experience a breakup, separation, or suffer a loss you can lose your happy and become sad because your Love & Belonging Need is broken.


For example, you experience injustice, inequality, or oppression you can lose your happy and become mad because your Transcendence Need is broken.

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For example, if you feel afraid and out of control you can lose your happy and obsess over the needs you do have control of because your Safety Need is broken.

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It's no joke.

Broken needs affect people throughout life.

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If someone has four or more Adverse Childhood Experiences they are:



More likely to be depressed.

More likely to hurt themselves.

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