People's Greatest Fears

There have been global wars, oil wars, civil wars, cultural wars, human rights wars, and holy wars. History has shown people will fight for resources, for the threat of death, losing the ones they love, being disrespected, and for their beliefs or values. People will do the absolute worst to protect the things most important to them. They will fight for what they need. Abraham Maslow actually called them "Needs" and described them as the five universal requirements to sustain life. When one is broken (or threatened) people will go to extreme measures to recover it. If it can't be recovered they will give up, turn inward and give up hope. Not having the basic human needs met are the greatest problems people face in life because it can lead to life without motion, physical or emotional death.

Deprivation + Annihilation + Separation + Humiliation + Domination

Based on the work of Dr. Karl Albrecht's Fears and Abraham Maslow's Needs.   


People are faced with the fear of being physically Deprived of the things they need to obtain energy and sustain life.  They are faced with starvation, malnutrition, lack of water, air, shelter, clothing, exercise, warmth, and sleep. People begin to worry and get anxious when they're hungry, tired, thirsty, too hot, too cold, have difficulty breathing, or are restricted. This is why people are afraid of being paralyzed, physically immobilized, entrapped, imprisoned, smothered,  restricted or not having food and water. 

Problem: Deprivation

Need: Physical


People are faced with the fear of getting physically hurt and being Annihilated. They are alarmed and panic when there is a threat of being, attacked, burned, cut, dismembered, mutilated and dying.  This is why people are afraid of predatory animals like spiders, snakes, and tigers, dangerous situations like falling from heights, drowning, being in closed-in spaces, driving too fast, or other things that may cause bodily harm or not feeling safe.

Problem: Annihilation

Need: Safety


People are faced with the fear of being Separated from a friend or family member. They get anxious and lose control when they have been abandoned, rejected, lost a friend or family member, loved one, or don't feel needed or wanted. This is why people are afraid of being cheated on, breaking up,  not getting married, not being invited to things, being ignored, getting lost, being shut-out, given the silent treatment, not being included, losing someone they love or care about, being widowed or orphaned. 

Problem: Separation

Need: Love & Belonging


People are faced with the fear of being discriminated, disrespected, rejected, or humiliated. If a person gets turned down, demoted, or fired they feel defeated and humiliated.  This is why people are afraid of speaking in public, losing in sports, failing in school, failing at work, getting demoted, being made fun of, shamed, insulted, mocked, ridiculed or discriminated. 

Problem: Humiliation

Need: Esteem


People are faced with the fear of losing their rights and freedoms.  The freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of equality, freedom of choice, privacy, philosophy, thought, values, justice,  hope, and purpose. This is why we're afraid of being bullied, intimidated, controlled, treated unfairly, injustice, not being heard, being taken advantage of, lied to, being oppressed or controlled.


Problem: Domination

Need: Transcendence