Memories are like containers that hold whatever you put in them. They can be opened up and shared throughout life. Bad memories happen regardless which is why it's important to also make good ones. To fill your mental shelf with as many positive experiences because they're like needs stored for use later in life. Positive memories have been shown to reduce stress and depression and traditions are a powerful way to make new ones. Traditions are a great way to tighten connections and reinforce values. They are experiences to look forward to and remenece later when you need them.

How To Start

A New Tradition

What Is Something You Love?

Jot down a list of ten things you love doing. It can be anything like walking, playing games, or something you find inspiring. 

What Is Something You Believe In?

Jot down a list of ten things you believe in. These can be values, causes, or beliefs. These are things you stand for and defend. These are your values.  

Pulling It Together 

No how can you create an experience with these things? You have a list of twenty different things we will use as material. Next is to explore the times and places. If it's easy and affordable then you're likely to do it more often. Next is to explore the people, friends, and family members you can create this tradition with. Write down the people who might be interested.  

A Reminder Why

Remember you are investing in the future of you and your family. The unfortunate reality of life is it is good at being filled with bad moments leaving bad memories. And when things get tough it's easy to draw on those times. It leaves a person with despair. Making great traditions is giving you and the ones you love memories they can draw from to be reminded of times when the world is okay. They are loved. There is hope. And most importantly can be drawn on when they need the most. 


Coffee Flights

Once a month we go to our favorite coffee shop and order all their specialty coffees. We take them home and have a flight of different coffees together. Sort of like a coffee buffet. It's been something we look forward to when we can talk about challenges were having, our futures, and dreams together. Where we are in life and where we want to go.

Movie Nights

We asked our kids what's their favorite thing to do with thier parents and they said sitting on the couch together watching movies. So we bought a couch that was deep enought to crawl into together. Have room for enough popcorn bowls and space for extra pillows. Friday nights a different person picks the movie, we grab an early dinner and make memories unwinding from the week together watching movies. Parents, it's okay to watch a different movie on your phone. The point is to create somethingn your childeren can count on and recal later in life when they feel alone and need a reminder they are loved. 

The First Snow

My wife and met in the spring and fell in love in the summer. It was a love that grew as the year moved on and the seasons changed. We remember living in the city and calling each other when it first snowed that first year together. So now every year when I see the first flakes of snow I send her a quick message letting her know. It's our own tradition that is something only we have. It reminds us of that first year.

The Jordan Game

My son and I love shoes. I can't explain why but it's a thing. I've always loved shoe design and my boys are the same. Especially the Jordan series. The shoe that started it all. We also love walking around the city spending time talking and learning about each other and exploring the city. We started playing this game that we call the Jordan Game. It's a sort of eye-spy of shoes. Where the first person to spot a pair of Jordans get's a pointt. If you call out the year of the release it's worth two points. But be careful because if you mistake a pair of Dunks for Jordans it's minus two points. And we call that getting "dunked on". One day we totaled 573 pairs of Jordans. We spend the whole day laughing and racing around the city doing something we love together. It's our tradition. It's also the greatest day together. 



There are eleven national holidays. Each one is an opportunity to celebrate something you believe in with others who hold the same values. It's a day or sometimes a week to focus on and be reminded of your faith, your heritage, legacy or your freedom. It's one of your five needs and these triditions help to mee them. 

Rites Of Passage

Coming of age traditions are ways to Graduation


Food, Dress. Lifestyle


Every time I go back to my home town we visit the place when I first knew what I wanted to do with my life. It is the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art where I knew I wanted to be an artist. It was the one place where I felt like I belonged. It was my home when I didn't have one. When we visit I go to this one park bench at the top of the park under the trees. The breeze climbs the hill and the shade provides protection from the sun. It is our tradition to set there together while we watch the boys play. The boys love to play in the always freshly cut grass, my wife reads a book on her phone and I just remember I get inspired by how far I've come and what lays ahead in my family's future.