Helping People Overcome The Fear Of Motor Accidents 


2016 saw over 40,000 motor accident fatalities in the US alone. It was an increase of 13% in over two years making it the highest jump in more than 50. With drivers ever connected to their devices it's become far too easy for them to be distracted while driving. Drivers are not only changing lanes their changing the volume, conversations, directions, and meeting times while passing eachother in the fast lane. Combined with an overall increased in the number of drivers on the road it's expectedly going to get worse. Distracted driving leading to the increase in fatalities has become a state of emergency and there needs to be a change. Tesla Motor Company started as an electric powerd option to the gas guzzelers that were teh only option. The power and effecience it offered to consumers put Tesla on the map early on. With new model releases and increased ranges of it's batteries meant it also had staying power. With growing success Tesla was changing the industry and the primary way people travel. But when Tesla began to also see the tole driving was taking on the lives of every car owner and the increasing rate of accidents it understood people need to feel safe on the road. They saw that there was not only a physical effeciency problem but there was also a physical safety problem. Their hardware needed powerful sofware to keep passengers safe and litterally move them Backward away from accidents. Designers seamlessly integrated ultrasonic sensors and radar cameras around the vehicle to enable assited driving because softwares processing time is faster than a humans. Tesla helps people solve their Annihilation and getting into an accident by moving their passengers Backwards avoiding accidents safely. Teslas Autopilot enables the vehicle to steer, accelerate, and break, automatically. Soon it will replace the need for drivers with full selfdriving capabilities. In a fast moving world people need to feel safe. If technology is apart of causing accidents then leaders like Tesla can use it to overcome and prevent it. The first Tesla safety report of 2019 shows that rate of one accident every 2.87 million miles. Making it statistically safer than a human driver. What's more Tesla's consistantly recive the highest safety rating while the Model S achieved the highest safety rating of any car ever. People need to be and feel safe and Tesla is leading the way in moving people Backward from the accidents distracted driving cause.


.  risk a person is taking when they get behind the wheel and has designed a vehicle that surrounds the driver with cameras and software that aids in lane changing.... speed monitoring, and ..... These are all designed to move the passengers Backward from hazzards and accidents safely.  The technology needs to adapt or change. Change to better Tesla Motors understood the industry not only had a fuel problem but it also had an operator problem. Both sofware could solve. is that change. .  Commutes are getting longer. There are more drivers on the road.