Taylor Swift

Helping People Overcome The Fear Of Being Alone 


Being young comes with it's own unique set of challenges in life. The world is new and at times it can become very lonely. Everything seems to have a learning curve and understanding people is no different. Everyone is so different and then someone comes into your life who you have things in common with, and time together is easy. Everything is fun and a friendship is formed. Maybe love. But unfortanely relationships can be fickle and through enough ups and downs It's enought to make anyone feel like they will always be alone. What if a life of being an outcast, rejected, and alone in the dark is a reality? This is a familiar fear for many in life and even more at a young age. Taylor Swift writes songs that speak to what it feels like to be alone. To be an outcast, rejected, turned down, and alone. This is why she writes song with titles like, Mean, We Are Never Getting Back Together, Picture To Burn, I Knew You Were Trouble, You Need To Calm Down, and Bad Blood. To help people feel like they are not alone when they listen to her music. But Taylor also knows people need to belong, feel connected, have intimacy, and be in love. Her voice and brilliant song wirting are a big part of her success. But its her understanding that people need love that makes her albums reach record setting numbers. Taylor moves her audiences Toward the ones they love. Toward deeper intimacy, understanding, empathy, relationships and Toward love. This is why her songs are also tittled Love Story, You Belong To Me, Our Song, Mine, I Want You Back, and Lover.  These songs move people emotionally. An Artist that moves people with internal motion creating work that people People long to love and be loved. When we are in search of love, find love, feel loved, and lose love.... Taylor is an Artist that moves her listeners with internal motion. Swift has received 23 awards from 53 nominations. She currently holds the record of most Billboard Music Awards won by a female artist and is second overall.

 But there is also a What if it's just     finding someone who can be trusted can make anyone feel like they will always be alone. you like and have things in common with can make someone feel like they are alone in the world. It can feel like they are the outcast and different. There is no one like them.  What's even harder is finding someone you trust and want to spend the rest of your life with and stay committed to in a life long relationship. The fear of being alone, outcast, turned down, ot liked and rejected in life is a constant fear that starts at a very young age.