Deepening our understanding of the problems and pain people face in life reveals the impact Art & Design have in our lives. It unlocks its greater purpose. When Artists and Designers create work that moves people Forward efficiently, Backward safely, Toward the ones they love, Upward in life, and Onward for something greater, they remove peoples darkest fears and meet their greatest human needs. People's lives, in turn, become dynamic. They are free to move with velocity, in rhythm with others, in balance, and with momentum to reach their dreams.  When artist and designers move people with motion and emotion they change peoples lives and create greater "Movements".


These are our Modes.  

These are the two problems art and design should solve. These should be explained below in the context of Needs and Fears. Needs keep us alive (and alive inside) and preventing fears keeps us from fight or flight responses. Things that threaten our needs. 



Design moves people forward efficiently, effectively, and with less waste. It helps people use less physical energy, mental energy,  calories (energy), to conserve energy. It makes things sustainable, easy to use, simple to understand and intuitive. It helps people move forward smarter, faster, and farther. Give examples of industrial design, UI design, etc... maybe just combine the This is why part with this main part. 

This is why:

We have jets, planes, trains, cars, motorcycles, boats, bikes, scooters skateboards, and shoes. Stairs, escalators, elevators, subways, roads, and bridges. 


Meeting: Physical Need

Removing: Deprivation Fear


Design moves people Backward from danger and harm. This is why:  Urban Designers create safe cities, public spaces, parks, and environments. They create signage for proper wayfinding and to avoid hazard zones. Industrial designers create things that are not only useful but are safe to use. Even used to keep us safe.  Designers provide direction, protection,  and prepare us for what to expect. Helping people move backward from danger so they can move forward safely. This is why, we have safety apparel, hardhats, glasses, vests, equipment, and signage. Designers keep us safe by, meeting specifications,  ergonomics, and wayfinding to create safe equipment, environments, and transportation.

Meeting: Safety Need

Removing: Annihilation Fear.


The Arts move people Toward the ones they love. They bring people together by creating community, collaboration, fellowship, friendship, intimacy, romance, and love. This is why: music, films, and writing tell stores about love, finding love, falling in love, and being with the ones you love. Art is a powerful way to move people together and toward the ones we love. This is why we have, romance genres in film, books, and music, music festivals, concerts, theaters. 

Meeting: Love & Belonging Need

Removing: Separation Fear


The Arts move people Upward inspirationally. When people move Upward they're confident, ambitious, brave, secure, and courageous. This is why: Fashion surrounds us with social signals to communicate and make us feel valued, admired, beautiful, and respected. Art moves people Upward to feel valued and respected. Sculpture, jewelry. We wear fashion name brands, certain logos, styles, precious stones, and high-quality materials, and makeup. This is why we give trophies, awards, and decorate our homes with sculptures to symbolize achievement and honor. This is why artists use graffiti to tag their names. To establish popularity and credibility.

Meeting: Esteem Need

Removing: Humiliation Fear


I have a dream speech is also art. The Arts move people Onward to in the directions of something greater than themselves. This is why sculpture depicts freedom, liberty, peace, and hope. It commemorates, celebrates and symbolizes,  purpose, liberty, a cause, virtues, justice, beauty, aesthetics, creativity, faith, and spirituality. The Arts have the profound ability to encourage people to move beyond themselves and Onward to something greater.  When people know they are a piece of something beautiful they live with purpose and meaning. Art moves people onward. This is why sculpture, paintings, and stories remind people of where they've been, what they stand for, and where they're going.   

Meeting: Transcendence Need

Removing: Domination Fear