Of the different kinds of   crimes committed there   seem to be five kinds. 

The Five Crimes

Crimes for Riches

Crimes of Rage 

Crimes of Race or Rape

Crimes for Revenge

Crimes of Revelation

Crimes committed to obtain, wealth, riches, ransom, property.



 Crimes committed to inflict bodily damage and harm. 

 Rape & Race 

 Crimes committed for sexual desire, fantasy, or affiliation to a group. 


 Crimes committed for vengance or retribution. 

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 Crimes committed because of a belief system, mission, or ideology. 

 The Destruction 

The estimated cost of a crime is staggering. It's a moral dilemma to assign value to human life but to an economist, it's important to try. Based on research by Kip Viscusi as of 2021 the cost of a statistical life is 10 million dollars; the assessed value is based on the risk of death. In 2010, Viscusi also published numbers for various crime categories, what crime costs society. This includes 95 thousand per rape or sexual assault, 23 thousand per aggravated assault, and 25 thousand per robbery. The victim cost is 4.4 million per murder, 220 thousand per robbery, 370 thousand per rape or sexual assault, and 105 thousand per aggravated assault.