For A Pattern


The Past

Predicting The Future

From the beginning, America’s been accustomed to violence and destruction.

The means and measures have changed but there’s always been a justifiable reason to wage war. Countless wars. Of the 246 years of its existence as a country, America has been at war for 225 of them. So it’s no surprise we see it everywhere. It’s what we’ve always known. But what exactly are we fighting for?

In life, there is a method used to solve problems. From math to medicine, within different industries and fields, if you can find a pattern there’s an opportunity to solve the problem. Pattern matching is the ability to crack a code, see around corners, and make big breakthroughs. Patterns are somewhat elusive truths that explain the past and give the ability to seemingly travel in time to predict the future. In order to find a pattern, we need data. Lots of data. It’s where patterns hide. And we can give new meaning to hard data by examining the things people find difficult to talk about. Let’s begin the hunt for a pattern.