In The 


Pushing People
To Breaking

In your rearview mirror, you catch a glimpse of two of the most important people in your life sitting in the back seat. The mirror also reveals a car that has moved dangerously close. Your heart begins to race and you assess the situation. Did you cut them off, forget to use your blinker, or were you driving too slow in the passing lane? All possible options but more than likely it’s not you. It’s an aggressive driver.

Road rage continues to increase every year with people reporting they are more afraid of aggressive drivers than drunk drivers. Rightfully so. In 54 percent of all fatal car accidents in America, aggressive driving is a factor. Intentional or not, aggressive driving can turn a 3,500-pound vehicle into a weapon and it’s causing 1,800 injuries every year. Furthermore, there is no accounting for the number of stressful commutes or sweaty-palmed errand runs as a result from this type of aggression. It’s everywhere in the streets.



We Meet

There’s one place people go when they want to be somewhere else. They endure a series of what feels like tests designed to push them through the system and inadvertently to their max. Some may argue that we’ve given it the name “terminal”  because it feels so much like death. People are bumping, pushing, cutting, and colliding, into each other at every step. In any facet of life where there’s more than one person there’s going to be confrontation and conflict. It’s a social guarantee.

Turning People
Into Assholes

In the American workplace, 94 percent of employees say they are stressed at their jobs with 63 percent ready to quit. Many leave because of their boss and say the lack of communication is the main issue. Not being understood, valued, and appreciated accounts for 80 percent of people quitting. Office politics can turn physical. Assault is the second leading cause of work-related death. Workplace injuries are on the rise resulting in 20,870 injuries and illnesses, and 454 fatalities.

In the final days of his life came a shallow apology, “if I ever did anything to you, I want you to know, I’m sorry” he said to her. She knew exactly what he meant. Even in his vagueness, he knew exactly when that meant. The what and the when of those moments have been haunting her throughout life. The reality of which shaped what she thought about herself, and how she managed relationships. She would carry those moments from childhood all the way into her sixties. From being a sister, mother, and wife, it was her legacy. Her life was changed forever.




We Sleep


Momma Trauma
& Daddy Issues

For far too many, home is not a safe place. Over 40 percent of women in America have experienced sexual violence. Around 80 percent of those before the age of 25. For males, 20 percent before the age of 10. As many as 3,000,000 incidents of domestic violence are reported each year, while many other incidents go unreported. It is estimated that more than 10 million people experience domestic violence in the U.S. each year. It’s everywhere we sleep.


It Is 

It's Out

Of Control

There Is Clearly A Problem

This is the reality. There is a dark psychology around things. There is something driving people mad, resulting in a proliferation of narcissists, sociopaths, bullies, and other personality disorders. But does anyone really know what it is?  It’s arguably one of, if not the most important questions we should be asking. It’s the question that must be faced. Because with it comes the possibility that if there is something that causes someone to do their worst, then understanding it might give way to something that can prevent it. Possibly even stop it if already set in motion.