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The Beginning Of Something New

At their peak, there were more than 1,325 Newsstands in the city. They started as little startups on prime real estate for veterans and immigrants set aside by the city. They were an opportunity to start something new. For many, they were a future. They were a hope at a time they needed it the most and a chance to make a life for themselves. Today there are only about 280 newsstands in NYC. Today they're more like symbols of hope.

New Sstand

An Even Greater Hope

The paradox is once a person's needs are adequately met they will have an incredible desire to meet other people's needs. They will transcend their own needs to meet others. The focus shifts. They are no longer defending,  protecting, guarding, managing, and overcompensating for their own needs. Giving them the time, energy, and empathy to help someone else. They will begin to notice people who can't recover their needs and step in to help. They are now the person they needed It's a joy every human should experience. They are selfless. And they are the greatest people the world has ever known reach this.  They are honored for it. They have moved humanity toward the thing they need bringing people to life. 

If Hope Isn't Enough

This Is Our Greatest Waste

There is environmental waste, food waste, energy waste, and water waste. But maybe the greatest waste comes from the things that can't be seen. The social waste. The bags filled with trauma piling up in the streets filling the mental landfills of people's lives. There are prisons cells, courtrooms, therapy rooms, and emergency rooms filled with people with broken needs. The financial cost for rehabilitation, correctional facilities, treatments, prescriptions. The amount of time wasted fighting, arguing, nitpicking, gossiping, recovering, and wasting in a correctional facility is part of people's lives that are being wasted. Time is wasted, mental and physical energy is wasted, people's lives wasted and opportunity wasted. To try something new, to start a new relationship is wasted because they risk losing another need. Give a whole new meaning to waste not, want not. 

  1. if you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need.

The art here could be a bunch of food that is needed to fight for in a relathionp. To show the amount of calories needed to stustain a fight. 

 fast fashion causing waste, people wasting away in jail, in deadend jobs, why are we not more concered with the waste broken needs is causing. The recovery the repair the time it takes to heal is all wasted life that people could be spending in other ways. If energy is a cricise what about all the wasted energy people are spending and expending fighting arguing defending, and standing up or thier needs. It's all a waste of everyones most valuble resouces. It's a waste of time. Use Modes in life. Use Modes to bring people to life. All that's been lostt may not be recovered but let's make a new stand.


The Missing Piece

To Feel Truly Human & Life

But when... To know and be known by another in such a way and know they are in your corner. And they understand, they get you. A deep level of trust and understanding when you're weak and know they are there for you to offer exactly what you need. And it carries on. To comb your son's hair with your fingers because you remember when your mother did the same. To be heard, to be listened to becasue some one was there for you. To touch. To hold your hand or look you in the eyes. To have another person whom you’ve attached to and feel loved by is something a human can not live without. It is something every human needs. And it all hinges on this one word. This one thing, empathy.


Empathy is the bedrock to be able to do so. And without it life is lonely. Life is scary. Life is a puzzle and you're the piece feeling like you never fit in.  The world becomes a place of different colored scattered pieces. But empathy makes the pieces fit and hold everything together. For a human love is a matter of life or dying inside. It is arguably the greatest asset and what it means to feel truly human. To care for another human being. And to measure, it's said society can be measured by how it treats the least. Maybe it's more to say how it treats at the lowest moments. When a person is in need.