The fear of lacking essential resources like food, water, and sleep.



The fear of physical harm, losing function, dismemberment, being destroyed, or disfigured.



The fear of being alone, removed, abandoned, taken, or lost.



The fear of being embarrassed, mortified, shamed, losing dignity, or being disgraced.



The fear of being oppressed, overpowered, bullied, overruled, or serving under dictatorship, mastery, or being controlled.


The Cost


Hijakings, bombings, hostage-takings, and armed assaults have cost America countless lives and resources. But the greatest weapon terrorists use is Fear. The fallout from terrorist attacks devastates an economy for many years. In addition, there is the mental toll of increased stress and suffering from the loss of jobs, finances, and confidence, impacting a society's mental health, disease rate, and overall wellbeing. Fear is a disease that can destroy lives. The overall cost is immeasurable. What's more, although rare, it is even possible for a human to be physically scared to death.