Helping People Overcome

The Fear Of Failing At Work 


Work is a demanding and sometimes extremely competitive environment. Companies are faced with changing markets and their employees are asked to deliver more work on shorter timelines with tighter budgets. Needless to say, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Many find it difficult to land a good job and quickly learn it's even harder to keep it. When faced with increasing demands the fear of failure can become overwhelming. People need every advantage they can get and coffee can be an effective option to spark ideas and motivation. Starbucks quickly recognized this and began expanding its distribution. They saw that people needed a pick-me-up to maintain the fast pace work environment and keep up with the competition. Starbuck's rapid distribution was key to their early success, however, their greatest breakthrough was when they learned and deeply understood the fear of failure it's consumers faced and the opportunity it had to solve this problem by moving its consumers Upward with confidence. How did they do it? Starbucks created a brand that stood for quality and prestige. The green mermaid on the side of every paper cup is a logo mark that carries these values. Starbucks helps solve people's fear of failing and being Humilated by giving them a symbol that signals status and confidence to whoever sees them hold their lattes. Starbucks has succeded in building Upward equity in its brand so anyone who sees it knows it stands for quality. And those who can afford to pay more are doing so because emotionally they feel cachet, credible, clout, and cool. This is is also demonstrated by peoples are willingness to pay more demonstrates they need it as much or more than the caffeine that's in it. Understanding that people will always want a good coffee but what they need is to be moved Upward is how Starbucks has separated its self from its competition and today they are a $3.4 Billion dollar company because of it.  

It helps people feel like they are moving upward.

feel confident, capable and successful. People want to feel respected and valued, among their peers and coworkers. 

The digital assets, logo, and identity systems were created by teams of talented Designers. At every touchpoint, the company engages its consumers. It's been simplified over time to be more easily recognizable requiring less mental energy to understand and remember. 


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1/3 of our lives are spent working. Working toward degrees, working to keep jobs, working for promotions, and working toward retirement. To stay relevant and continue to add value motivation is important. Coffee has become a necessity for many to stay motivated. Of all the coffee companies in the world, only a few understand motion and emotion as well as Starbucks.  Starbucks understands people want a great coffee, but they need to feel esteemed while doing it. Because one of people's greatest fear in life is the loss of a job Starbucks helps people feel confident, capable and successful. People want to feel respected and valued, among their peers and coworkers.  They need to feel like they are moving Upward. Sometimes we will even be self-congratulatory and get a latte for achieving a small goal​. It's as if the hot paper cup they serve the coffee trophy carrying the Starbucks logo on the side. Signaling to others a level or achievement. Much like Coca-Cola was a status symbol in the 40's and 50's, and then again in the 80's