Helping Athletes Overcome The Fear Of Failing


Imagine training your entire life for a moment. Imagine pushing through physical pain, through grueling practices, fighting against your body screaming "stop" to get the chance to perform at the highest level. And when that moment comes you're faced with the temptation to doubt, to hesitate, give up.  What would you do? How would you react? For athletes, this is the fear they face and no one knows this better than Nike. Founded by Phil Knight, a track athlete at Oregon, Nike helps every athlete overcome their fear of failure by making shoes and apparel that help them perform at the highest level. Their shoes are built with the lightest material and most responsive materials to give them a competitive advantage. From the Air Max to it's newest Joyride technology, Nike provides cushion and comfort so athletes can run harder and longer distances while reducing the risk of injury. All to help athletes increase performance. But it's not it's technology that separates it from other shoe companies. The moment of breakthrough was when Nike began to understand that every athlete is also competing against the fear of doubt and the fear of failing that it became the iconic brand it is today. Phil Night and Nike's design team knew that if it made appareal that looked fashionable, with iconic designs,  backed by a logo and tagline to "Just Do It" they could move athletes Upward. This is why Nike partners with the most dominant athletes to inspire greatness and the will to win. The most successful athletes endorse their products and become iconic heroes of achievement and respect. All to help people eliminate doubt and move it's athletes Upward with inspiration and confidence. Today Nike is not only a performance apparel company it is also a dominant, innovative, fashion company inspiring confidence to anyone who wears its Swoosh. 

 And in the beginning the first product that Nike made was a track shoe called the Cortez. It was released at the height of the 1972 Olympics.  For an event, for Nike uses innovative materials, pushes fashion design, and built a brand identity, to symbolize confidence and greatness. People who wear their products feel like they can achieve greatness. The most successful athletes endorse its products and become iconic heroes of achievement and respect. All to help people move Upward and inspire the human spirit. 


Athletes can dedicate their entire lives to their event or sport. Sacrificing greatly to be the best. Athletes are born, live, and thrive in competitive environments. But athletes all have one thing in common, they all have the same fear. They are afraid of losing, humiliation. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, had this same fear because he was a middle-distance runner at the University of Oregon. Even posted a 4.10-mile time. Nike understands every athletes greatest fear. So Nike designs shoes that are lighter for speed, cushioned for distance and supportive for responsiveness. They are designed to move their athletes Forward with motion. But it was when Nike understood athletes internal problems that they had a breakthrough. They understood athletes need to feel recognizes and respected. They want to be the best because they have an esteem need. So Nike makes shoes that are fashionable and cool moving them with emotion, Upward with respect and admiration and winning. Nike gets it.