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Helping People Move Forward,

Faster,  Farther 


The first programmable computer was invented in 1938 by the German Engineer, Konrad Zuse. It's known as being the first "modern" computer" invented by the "Father Of The Computer". In 1936 the first Turing Machine was invented giving way to algorithms and data storage.  The first electric computer came in 1943, the first stored electric computer in 1948, the first computer company in 1949, and the first commercial computer was sold in 1950. When computers were first introduced they had limited specific functions and were questioned as to how they could ever be used by the average consumer or their commercial viability. They were huge, complicated, intimidating pieces of mechanical technology. Companies like IBM and HP unveiled the first desktop mass-market computer and later came the portable laptop in 1975. And even though the form started to improve they were still difficult to understand and use for most people. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs recognized this problem and understood that people were left confused and frustrated when using these devices. It became the focus of his company and he was relentless in his pursuit to make technology and computers easy to understand. This was shown in a conversation an Engineer on the development team had with Jobs when they learned their users were having difficulty understanding the new feature. The Engineer was lost in frustration and said "if our customers don't know how to use our products it's their fault. They are just stupid." Jobs replied by saying, it is up to us to make the designs so intuitive and easy to use that even a child can use it. And if we don't it's our fault. We are the ones who are stupid". Steve Jobs's focus on simplicity has been what separated it from every other computer company. Apple's software and hardware Designers focus their products on being intuitive, simple to understand, and minimally designed asking its users to use as little energy as possible. Their products get out of the way so its users can be more productive, connected, informed, and lead healthier lifestyles. Even the materials used to make their products are of recycled aluminum and are engineered to use less power. Every detail inside and out it thought through so that people can move Forward, faster, and farther. 

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