If People's Needs Were Shoes

The way needs shape the world around us demonstrates just how important they are. Needs are literally a part of everything we do. Even the things we put on our feet . Shoes are designed to meet peoples needs in different ways. Within the category of wearables there are athletic shoes, shoes to protect our feet, shoes to help us look more attractive, shoes to feel more professional and shoes to give back and support a cause. There’s a pattern even within shoes.

Starting With 

One Need

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There are patterns to make shoes and there are patterns as to why shoes are made. In the beginning, shoe companies focused on helping athletes perform at the highest level. Their shoes were designed to help athletes run longer, faster, and farther. To meet athletes Physical Needs. It's why companies like Nike created running shoes with rubber cleats for better traction on cinder tracks. They used minimal material to keep the shoe light and added a little to the heel to prevent blisters. In the beginning, everything was focused on meeting an athlete's single Physical Need. 


Many Needs

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Then somewhere along the way, Nike learned shoes can meet more than one need. Helping people to feel like they are a champion became the next need Nike would focus on. Signing the best like Michael Jordan who embodies what it means to win, can help people meet their Esteem needs. In the next iteration of the Jordan shoe, Nike's vision is fashion and becoming a brand focusing on more than athletic apparel. Nike has Transcended what it means to be a shoe company and entered the world of high art and fashion. Doubling down on the things humans need. 


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Love & Belonging

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When Shoes Transcend

For example, a type of shoe like Tom’s use the alpargata style from Spain which is constructed of minimal design and materials to lessen waste and the negative impact on the environment. Combined with a cause that whoever buys a pair, gives a pair to a person who doesn’t have shoes, is a way to say it’s not about the person buying them or their status. It’s about a greater good. It gives people a way to help humanity which also meets their Transcendence Need. Spending time with friends, going to work, a wedding, out on a date, the gym, or playing in a game, are all things people do to meet their needs and there’s a different shoe for every one.

Apples To


No need to proof this part Babe. Love you :)

It's hard to imagine a time before apps. Millions of lines of code written, ran, and debugged, designed around efficiency and conserving energy. For the device and the person using it. User interfaces and user experiences are built around helping people use less mental energy. Getting out of the way so people can get on with their lives. Software is about being simple and intuitive. Steve Jobs was known for saying if people couldn't use Apple's products then it was Apple's fault. Not the user. Their products should be so simple even a child can use them. And they can. Phones have also evolved to meet more than just people's physical needs. If you look at the apps on your phone you'll see each one can be put in at least one category of Needs. There are apps to help you get in shape, to keep you safe, to keep you connected, to help you reach your goals, and apps to remind you there is more to life than just the time here on this planet. The things you need are everywhere. 

Needs On
Your Phone