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 This Is The Pattern 

People Have  

Five Serious


And They Explain Virtually Everything

Here’s the uncomfortable truth. People commit the most heinous crimes, are terrorized by their worst fears, and wage countless wars, because they are fighting for the things they need. This is the pattern of destruction. 

     Crimes     Fears       Wars          Needs   

                Riches                         Mutilation                     Resources                           Physical                

                Rage                             Confrontation              Refuge                                Safety                   

                Rape or Race              Separation                     Region                               Love Belonging     

                Revenge                       Humiliation                  Retaliation                        Esteem                  

                Revelation                   Domination                   Regime                            Transcendence       


Map To

 Our Physiology

They're More Like Laws Than Needs

There’s an overwhelming force that drives people. Dr. Abraham Maslow described them as Needs and they map directly to the hormones that circulate through our body and brain. They are literally chemical messengers that tell one part of the body what is going on in another part. The word hormone comes from the Greek word Hormô meaning “to set in motion, to urge on, to make a start.” Just like Maslow described, to motivate. And here’s the thing, hormones are designed to reinforce behavior to keep people alive. Simply put, the underlying motivation for people isn’t a conscious decision to meet their needs, but an unconscious and uncontrollable release of chemicals in the body when needs are not met. These chemicals are what make people happy or feel like they’re dying. It is no surprise that people will do almost anything to meet them. Even if it means committing a crime, being deathly afraid, starting a fight, or even a war. This explains everything everyone’s been fighting for. We are all fighting for our needs. It’s as serious as life and death because it literally is.


Humans need dignity, respect, to be valued, affirmed, recognized, honored, given attention, and appreciated.

Humans need to be loved, to belong, family, friendships, connections, and intimacy. 

Humans need order, law, protection, personal security, financial security, and emotional security.

Humans need air, food, water, warmth, sleep, rest, sex, shelter, and exercise.






Humans need spirituality, integrity, aesthetics, purpose, a cause, faith, God, and hope in something greater than themselves.


Motivation Hormone

Serotonin has been labeled the confidence neurochemical. Higher serotonin activity is related to greater feelings of confidence, which gives drive and builds self-esteem.

The Confidence Hormone

It plays a role in pro-social behavior, sexual reproduction, and during and after childbirth. It evokes feelings of empathy, contentment, calmness, security, and reductions in anxiety level.

The Bonding Hormone

Or adrenaline released by the medulla, a part of the adrenal glands, surges at the time of panic and emergency. To remove a person from a threat or danger.  **Something here about happy.

Stress Fighter Hormone

During exercise, the body releases endorphins. This group of hormones help the body cope with the pain of exercising. People enjoy exercising because these endorphins will make them happy.

Pain Reliever Hormone






 Meant to motivate your body toward a distant goal, one step at a time. Having hope in a greater future. **Something here about happy.

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 A King

From Kings

The Tip Of The
Psychological Iceberg

A poor boy from Kings County in a family of twelve, who was picked on and had rocks thrown at him because he was Jewish, would later grow up to be one of the kings at recognizing patterns. Raised in Brooklyn, the most populated borough in NYC, Maslow was surrounded by the data needed to find the pattern. Maybe it was studying psychology at NYU coupled with his childhood trauma that led him to a breakthrough. He found people are motivated by the things they need. He would call them Needs and define them as Physical, Safety, Love & Belonging, Esteem, and Transcendence.

He later added more but it’s these five most people refer to. It became the Theory of Human Motivation and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s taught in medicine, psychology, and business schools but the reality is it’s so much more. What no one knows is the hierarchy pyramid is just the tip of the psychological iceberg. The real weight of Maslow's discovery is hidden below the surface. Maslow’s needs and the hormones they map to explain so many of the problems people face in their lives.



Contains Images of substances that may be triggering for some people.


Degrees Of Decimation

Needs Map To Dependencies

The fact we’re all walking pharmacies per se with all those hormones coursing through our veins has serious implications. For example, people don’t fall into addictions, becoming deathly dependent, because they want to lose everything. It’s what happens when they artificially replace the chemicals in their brains with drugs. Humans are resourceful and creative.They’ve cut out the middle-man and gone directly to the source. Tricking their brains into thinking their needs are met. But the problem is they’re not. This is in large part why drugs are illegal. Because society has learned drugs fool people into thinking their needs are met when in reality they’re not. They’ve highjacked their hormones that properly motivate people to meet their needs to live. And instead become so dependent in keeping their prescriptions filled they lose everything and their lives become empty. It’s non-negotiable biology and a destructive pattern people will only continue.

Five of the most popular drugs are similar to the hormones our bodies need. It also explains why many drug addicts say they would rather die than go through withdrawal because it literally feels like they’re dying. In some cases, people can actually die from drug or alcohol withdrawal.

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Five Drugs










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Heroin and Morphine