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Foundations .001 is the holy grail of making things. Technical resources for technicians. you clarity now, hope for the future, and the foundational truth about the inner workings of real life.

what people are saying.

John W.-

It filled in the missing pieces. I knew something was wrong. It's a turning point and it explains so many "why's" for me. 

Mary K.-

A masterpiece and, as I have returned to it, time and again, even for small "bites"' I'm stuck with the gravity and the order you have provided to pursue this "study". 

Dave L.-

Explaining my past -check

Why I'm overwhelmed and stressed -check

Why my relationships struggle -check

Sam F.-

I remember exactly where I was when you told me. The car I was in and where I was going. It clicked.


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Foundations .001

The foundational workshop that explains everything about creativity and life.

Creative Life .001

Turns out happiness is on a spectrum. This workshop covers why and how to find it. 

Innovation .001

Great ideas come from everywhere. This workshop uncovers the secret to finding great ones.

personal / professional

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Story Design .01

There is a pattern to movement in art, design, and culture. This workshop connects the dots.

Product Design .01

There are two ways to create value in the world. One you can see, the greatest you can't.

Strategy .01

In a sea of competition, this workshop explains C-Level strategy for finding the whitespace.

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